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 This Is my Ojama deck (rate/fix)

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PostSubject: This Is my Ojama deck (rate/fix)   Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:26 am

Many ppl get a silly feeling when hearing that a person uses ojama well i feel the total opposite ojamas are a very strong type of cards they can crush any deck if used correctly they even have their own otk play .. ill start off with showing you my deck of ojamas.

40 cards


x3 Ojama Yellow
x3 Ojama Black
x3 Ojama Green
x3 Ojama Red
x3 Ojama Blue
x2 Honest
x1 Rescue Cat
x1 Sangan
x1 Arcana Force EX - The dark/light ruler
x1 Snipe hunter


x3 Ojama Country
x3 Ojamagic
x3 Polymerization
x2 Ojama Delta Hurricane
x2 Big march of animals
x1 Lightning Vortex
x1 pot of avarice
x1 giant trunade


x1 dark bribe
x1 bottomless trap hole
x1 ojama trio
x1 threatening roar
x1 Justi-Break


x3 Ojama King
x3 Ojama Knight

Here are otk combos u can use but u need to add specific cards for certain combos:

The Ojama OTK is a deck based on one of several possible strategies. Summon Ojama Red to get a full field of Ojamas (easily attainable via Ojamagic) while Ojama Country is on the field, then using Ojama Delta Hurricane!! to clear the opponents field of cards. Afterwards, you can use one of seven different methods to finish the enemy:

* Equip one of your Ojamas with United We Stand and attack with all five Ojamas. Probably the most reliable method now that United We Stand is now Semi-Limited and can be searched via Hidden Armory.
* Use The Big March of Animals to pump your five Ojamas up to 2000 ATK each.
* Play Thousand Energy to make 2 of your vanilla Ojamas 2000 ATK each.
* Attack directly with all five, then use Super Polymerization during the battle phase for Ojama King and attack again. (However, you will need to discard for Super Polymerization)
* Attack directly with all five, then activate Solar Ray. (slightly inferior to the others because it relies on a preset trap card). However you could set the trap and set a searching monster as a defence and to help set-up the OTK for next turn maybe.
* Play Solidarity and attack with all five (however you can only do this if there are nothing but Beast cards in your graveyard, making it risky to splash good monsters like Sangan or Snipe Hunter into the deck.)
* Play Ojama Trio, summon Ojama King, activate Ojamuscle and attack for 10000. (The most unreliable method, requiring seven cards to pull off)

I like many things,, and hate more.. But what im always ready for... is a DUEL!!! Cool Cool Cool

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PostSubject: Re: This Is my Ojama deck (rate/fix)   Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:46 am

i really dont know about the ojamas deck buy you seem like you planed fpr everything !

remarque : if you uplod a pictures of the deck it will be better !
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This Is my Ojama deck (rate/fix)
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